Yellow Trout Lilies

If you are walking at the Farm in early May don’t miss the spring grouping of petite and lovely yellow trout lilies.  

They grow in front of the stone fence near the bird and butterfly garden.  

Their blooming is short-lived, so don’t miss these photogenic beauties.



“Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky.

Be still long enough to hear your own leaves rustling.”

Karen Shragg,
Think Like A Tree

Meetinghouse Farm is blessed with trees that are beautiful as well as unique to Cape Cod. As a nurseryman, Fred Conant knew trees were the architectural bones of a landscape. The species he planted years ago now provide beauty and stature to the Farm’s woodland and gardens.

Remnants of shredded plastic pots still cling to the dense roots of some of the Farm’s trees. If you look closely you can see that nursery plants, set out in rows for purchase decades ago, have grown to maturity in place. If you listen carefully the rustling leaves may have lessons and stories to share.


The Farm is attentive to the health of its trees as well as committed to adding trees to the Farm’s landscape. In 2014, the Farm received a $10,000 grant from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust to create a comprehensive tree plan and develop educational materials that showcase the Farm’s trees. Work on these materials has been completed and a brochure identifying the farm's outstanding trees that is now available. The grant also funded the purchase and installation of new trees, pruning and removal of unhealthy trees, and a series of tree care talks.

Traditionally, all Town of Barnstable fourth graders visit the Farm for a tree-themed field trip in June. Appropriately titled, “Tree Blitz” students rotate through teaching stations on tree-related topics. "Tree Blitz" is a collaborative program with AmeriCorps Cape Cod.

The Farm also traditionally recognizes the environmental value of trees at a community Arbor Day Celebration.

The Town of Barnstable Natural Resources Department and Tree Warden support the Farm’s tree needs. Generous local arborists and tree companies also support the Farm’s tree care.

Visitors to the Farm are missing the beautiful mimosa tree that grew at the entrance to the Farm. Unfortunately, attempts to prune and cable the mimosa were not sufficient to save the tree and it was removed reluctantly for safety reasons.

The mimosa tree is as soft -wooded and short-lived as it is beautiful. A reminder from nature that life and landscapes change and each day’s beauty is a special gift.