This season, we will be selling a variety of garden vegetables and flower bouquets at the Farm Stand. We’re really happy customers enjoy the unpredictability of our offerings and are also very forgiving on the days that wind and rain topple every item on our table.  Stop and Shop we are not --but that is the beauty of the Farm!

Tomato Detectives

Fresh produce starts here! Tomatoes coming soon!
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We’ve become fascinated with the explosion of available tomato varieties and will be offering both common and unique varieties at our May 15 plant sale and at the Farm Stand in the summer! 

Your opportunity to grow and eat varieties like Bodacious, Orange Wellington and Sunchocola!

Of course, we will continue selling our very popular floral bouquets. The Farm’s bouquets are beautiful, long lasting and reasonably priced. We have added new varieties of cut flowers and packaging perks.

Herbs will also be available in “cut your own“ quantities to assure freshness and match your individual culinary needs.

Pick a small quantity of herbs for a dollar—just enough for a dinner recipe-delicious taste and no spoilage!

Visit the Plant Sale on May 15
and stop by the Farm Stand in the summer!