This season the Farm Stand will be selling cut flowers, flower bouquets and herbs only. The Farm Stand will be open from 12 noon on Fridays until 5PM.  Hours on Saturdays and Sundays will be 9 AM until 5 PM. 

As always, we will offer our very popular floral bouquets. They are beautiful, long-lasting and reasonably priced.  We will continue to add new varieties of flowers and packaging perks.

Herbs will be available in “pick your own” quantities
to assure freshness and match your individual culinary needs. Pick a small quantity for a dollar –just enough for a recipe—delicious taste and no spoilage!

We are so happy that customers are very forgiving on the days that wind and rain topple every item on our Farm table. Stop and Shop we are not –but that is the beauty of the Farm!


This season we are exploring options for providing vegetables in addition to flowers on our farm stand. After doing cover crops last year in our garden plots, we hope to have adequate staffing to reintroduce select but limited vegetables to the stand. We are again over the top with seeds for vegetable and flowers for the annual plant sale. Seed starting begins in early March.

By May the greenhouse will be bursting with flower and veggie seedlings. We love pouring over catalogues in mid-winter for new varieties and old favorites too! 


The Annual Plant Sale is Saturday MAY 20th from 9-3.

See You there!