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Volunteer tasks range from raking and pruning autumn leaves to maintaining the Farm’s growing mailing list. Volunteers may make a long-term commitment such as caring year-round for the herb garden, or commit to a short -term task such as baking an apple pie for the annual pre-Thanksgiving Pie Sale. Whatever your skills or schedule there’s a task for you!


Because the Farm promotes horticultural and agricultural education, many volunteers report they learn new skills as part of their volunteer experience. Whether helping “hands-on” by planting a new variety of lettuce or hosting a local food expert. There is always more to be learned.


Maintenance and improvement of the Farm is a challenging responsibility for volunteers. The Farm has a history of collaboration with organizations and community service programs for large labor –intensive tasks. The adage “many hands make light work” certainly applies when residing a barn, removing acres of invasive bittersweet or installing new gardens.


Happiness research indicates that volunteer service builds personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose. If you love to “dig in the dirt” you also know that gardening provides a multitude of physical, emotional and spiritual rewards. Whether weeding while hawks circle overhead, talking plants with a Master Gardener, or savoring quiet moments unplugged from a high tech world, volunteers report they are nourished by their time “down on the farm.”


Volunteers are essential for every aspect of the Farm’s operation. The skills, schedules and personalities of our volunteers are diverse and each unique contribution is valued. The Farm really is made possible because of a community of volunteers who care deeply about the Farm’s mission and goals. A famous Gibran quote says, ”Work is love made visible.” Never more true, than in the work of committed volunteers.