The proposal for development of “the Conant Property” generated strong grassroots interest. For approximately three years, citizens and local officials explored options for the property. In January 2000, the Town of Barnstable purchased the property for public use.  Because of the deteriorated condition of the nursery complex, most of the nursery greenhouses were demolished. However, in response to citizen requests the 3000 sq. ft. Lord and Burnham greenhouse was preserved along with a number of support structures.

After the purchase, citizens began an informal partnership with the Town of Barnstable to rehabilitate the property and reestablish its horticultural use.  Meetinghouse Farm, Inc. was formally established in 2004 as a non-profit volunteer organization.  In 2007, the organization was awarded a 10-year management contract to care for the property and develop a Community Farm and Garden.

Meetinghouse Farm volunteers began their task with an overgrown site, no running water, a deteriorated greenhouse and failing structures. Through grants and private donations, the Farm installed a new pump to support gardening activities and made significant repairs to the Farm greenhouse. Invasive Oriental bittersweet and Japanese knotweed that threatened the Farm’s woodland, were pruned severely.  Since 2007, the Farm has also established an irrigation system, demonstration gardens, rental gardens and a seasonal farm stand.  Significant capital improvements have been made to the Farm’s greenhouse and support structures.