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We are so sorry that we have had to cancel this year’s
Pie In The Sky Bake Sale due to COVID concerns.


We have grown attached to the tables of beautiful homemade pies, breads and other baked items we share with the community each Thanksgiving.  The opportunity to see our bakers and our buyers each year has become a valued tradition and we are sorry to miss it this holiday.

Since COVID has impacted many of our fundraising efforts, we thought we would try turning the tables on this favorite Thanksgiving event and ask our supporters to consider a modest donation to the Farm.  We are suggesting donations in the range of your usual sweet purchases and have set up a fun way to donate.

Choose your favorite pie and make a donation on Pay Pal to Meetinghouse Farm.  We hope this will encourage some fond memories of past sales and help our budget a bit as well.        

Whatever adjustments you have had to make to your Thanksgiving plans, we wish you a wonderful day.

Stay healthy!  We’ll miss you on Thanksgiving Eve!

Please click here for our Fundraising page.

Thank you as always for your support!

Thank you

from Meetinghouse Farm