If you have been lamenting the decline of the Paine Black House over the past decade, it’s time to celebrate.  After procuring funding, the Town has moved quickly on this project.  Mold and moisture issues have been addressed.  With the help of the Sheriff’s Community Service Crew the building has been re-shingled.  A new roof is planned and windows will be repaired.  Foundation plants were removed to facilitate the site work but an established row of hydrangeas was saved as was attractive stonework abutting the driveway.  An overgrown wooded area around the house promises to reveal an interesting and beautiful variety of trees and shrubs.

A working village committee has been meeting with town personnel for updates on progress and continued discussion about uses for the structure. Town Councilor 

Phil Wallace has facilitated committee meetings and maintained communication with town departments.  There is much more to be done before the Paine Black House is actively available for community use, but when the lawn is blooming again with purple and white crocuses, the Paine Black House will no doubt be looking better than ever.