In June, Meetinghouse Farm will again be sorting redeemable bottles and cans for $$$$$$.

Our month at the Barnstable Transfer Station is one of our biggest fundraisers!

To Volunteer, contact mary Ann Donovan at

If you are unfamiliar with the Barnstable Transfer Stations’s Non-Profit Redeemable Program, it’s time to discover this great
fundraising opportunity. Each month different non-profit groups sort bottles and cans to raise money for their organization.

Once a year Meetinghouse Farm volunteers don their rubber gloves and get ready to sort --and sort they do! Though profits vary depending on month, weather and holiday activities this fundraiser always adds to the Farm’s coffers. Volunteers have lots of fun and become experts on local favorites and some very curious beer brands.

Local volunteers, Mike and Mary Ann Donovan organize this fundraising favorite. Mary Ann can often be seen around town wearing downscale bottle cap jewelry.

* Most Recent Redeemable Results: October 2015

   67,035 items = $3352!

Let's do better in June - Start Saving NOW!